Friday, May 11, 2007

More Theology: Genesis 4:1-7

Apparently there have always been tensions between farmers and semi-nomads. Did barbed wire ruin the West? This passage symbolizes that tension in the two types of offerings.

So did God ask for this offering as Cervantes implies? Well it doesn't say. And we don't know the reason Abel's offering is accepted, but Cain's is not. Normally verse 6 and 7 are read to imply that Cain himself will be accepted, even though his offering is not, if his offering springs from the right motive.

If we're going to be tongue in cheek about this, you could say Cain was just trying to kiss ass and God saw through it. God even tried to give him a warning, picturing sin as a predatory animal crouched at the door. That snake's going to bite again.

And once again the advice of God is, "you must master it."

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