Wednesday, March 30, 2005

A Call for Posters

First, a sincere thanks to everyone who has come by and commented! The comments are what this site is all about -- we want discussion.

But the top level posts are also important. This place is about dialogue, we really mean it. Right now, it seems that issues of faith and belief -- even the very nature of reality -- are at the heart of our politics right now. There is often a lot of common ground between liberal religious people and non-religious people, and we want to find it. We also want to be clear about what ground we do not share, and whether and why and how much that matters.

Dread Pirate Roberts and I have been carrying the posting load lately, but we need theists to make this site work the way it is supposed to. It could be you! If you are interested in posting here, please send an e-mail to DPR or me (if you've been hanging around these precincts of cyberspace, you know how to find us), or leave a comment here, and we'll take it from there.

This is a moderated board, so not quite everything goes, but we're pretty open minded. We look forward to hearing from you.