Friday, April 29, 2005

Verse Undevisive? or Vice Versa?

The Brook
We’d come at last to a place
Where our ways must surely part.
The small freshet which flowed
And enlivened the distance between our lands
Had now gone wide, and
Rather than slow and snake idly by
As one finds often at an expanse of water,
Here were unexpected rapids, shooting over a cataract
Which seemed to draw from, rather than give life, to the water,

We found ourselves stumbling on either side
Pitched down precipitous tunnels
Each tangled in a thicket alone,
Unsure where to turn for air or light,
Unable to count on the other’s hand
Now the divide had gone so suddenly wide.

Time, time…give it time and earnest care
Waiting out the night,
Listening for the least advice
From what birds were wintering out,
From the creaking trees
Or a certain lift in the wind,
Till finally detecting the slightest dripping,
The thaw had come
At last I seemed able again to walk a way downstream.
I called for you—and your call came back anew.

And now we each know better and
The stream between us,
That where it can be brooked we’d best go,
If we hope not to walk these lands alone.