Thursday, April 07, 2005


how does abraham get a pass on that child-killing thing? if he was willing to kill his child because a voice in his head told him to doesn't that make both him and the voice morally reprehensible? do you suppose he asked the boy's mother what she thought about murdering their son? would a daughter have been as valuable a sacrifice as a son? would a woman making that claim get a pass? what will we say when the fruitcake neighbor is found to have killed his/her child and says "well, god told me to do it." we'll likely say, and rightly so, that the murderer is criminally insane. luckily enough for abe another voice in his head something like "ok. you don't have to carry it out. your willingness to do so is proof enough for the big guy of your devotion to Him." which god do you worship and how's your devotion?

i know modern christians abhor infanticide. or do i know that? the fundamentalists in the big tent might argue for biblical inerrancy. some members of the US congress want us to accept that government authority comes from god, and want all judges to so acknowledge. would that be the same god that demanded a human sacrifice? how far down this path to theocracy will we allow the fruitcakes to take us before we wake up? is it the sort of theocracy you can live under?

so all i have are questions. there are those places in history where things reach a tipping point; where one group takes hold so that others are swept aside to such a degree that recovery is a long and difficult task. i see a dangerous situation here and now. how about you?