Friday, March 25, 2005

Moving on to the "C" Word.

actually there are two, closely related "c" words to discuss: conception and contraception. okay. one word and the same word with a negative prefix. some regard any attempt at birth control--well, conception control--as a sin, and want to deny any mention of it in sex ed., not just for our own children, but for adults all over the world. no intercourse without procreation! or at least the possibility of procreation. so no mention of condoms is allowed, let alone birth control pills. but wait. there is the venerable rhythm method, augmented by modern scientific knowledge of changes in body temperature and vaginal mucus viscosity. so if a woman avoids intercourse during her "fertile" time while carrying on during her "safe" time isn't that fudging? isn't that having sex with the direct design of avoiding procreation? i'll leave that question for individuals to wrestle with in private.

so how well is this notion of withholding information from teenagers about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and safe sex, mentioning only abstinence, working out? we recently found out from a survey of teens who took the "virginity" pledge that they get as many STDs as other teens. how can that be? they maintain their "virginity" by having unprotected oral and anal sex! which brings us to the other benefit, the first being the prevention of unwanted pregnancies, of condoms, which also protect against the transmission of STDs, including the current biggie HIV. so our government refuses to fund any HIV education program that includes the use of condoms because condoms stop sperm as well as pathogens.

are we short of humans? i don't think so. is there an epidemic of a barely treatable sexually transmitted disease? why, yes. but so what. god says go forth and multiply and our biology enables us to do so. miracles are rare and wondrous events. while we are apparently hard wired to love and protect our own offspring as well as thinking each unique, one might suppose that by now we would stop seeing birth as miraculous. how many does it take to become mundane? and what sort of perverted morality blames the people who get infected with HIV when they satisfy a wholly human impulse?