Monday, February 21, 2005

"Queerly Beloved"

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so begins cultural icon homer simpson as he officiates to marry two lesbians. and marge says "just because you're lesbians doesn't mean you are less beings."

any of you who noticed the post over at dharma bums featuring our friends Tara and Nickie (go read about them, Tara tells a love story) have caught on to my opinion on the gay marriage issue. i want my friends to have the benefits of marriage. i came to this position like many people do. i have family and friends i like. i found out that some of them are homosexual. back in 1954 when i was in 7th grade, one of my much older cousins started bringing his partner to the standard extended family gatherings, thanksgiving and christmas. jim became a valued part of our family. even after my cousin died Jim spent those holidays with us because he was family, and did so until he moved back to arkansas to be near his blood family.

i don't remember ever even thinking about gayness in high school or college. i don't remember thinking about it for many years after that. there were campy people, such as liberace. they were funny. somewhere in the middle of my life i caught on that some of my friends, or acquaintances, or work colleagues were gay. i didn't care. i don't care. i have friends. some are straight and some are gay.

there is a controversy of sorts about whether gayness is genetically determined or a choice we make. all i know for sure is that i don't remember making that choice. i don't care how people get where they are about it. born that way or decided to be, so what?

for those of you who claim to follow a biblical injunction against homosexuality, i can't resist asking---isn't one of the main citations on that in leviticus? not far from the injunction against eating shellfish? and another rule against mixing flax and wool for garments? consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds, eh? a view of the bible as literal and inerrant requires stepping over stunning contradictions and alternate versions of reality. you're welcome to your opinion about morality. don't invite gay people to your house. your bible isn't public law. get over it.

about the gay agenda; there isn't one. what could andrew sullivan and alan ginsberg agree on, other than sex. is there a heterosexual agenda? i don't think so. do ted kennedy and john mccain agree on this week's talking points?